Directors Dealings

Published LEI
01/15/2018 529900OEWA4GSZEZ4P40
Date Type of transaction
01/12/2018 UTC+1 Acquisition
Description of financial instrument ISIN
Share DE000A0BL849
Place Initial notification / Correction
XETRA Initial notification
a) Price and Volume
Price Volume
EUR 14.60 EUR 10,117.80
EUR 14.60 EUR 23,403.80
EUR 14.60 EUR 16,731.60
EUR 14.55 EUR 10,606.95
EUR 14.60 EUR 7,723.40
EUR 14.60 EUR 18,980.00
b) Aggregated information
Price Volume
EUR 14.59 EUR 87,563.55

Details of person

Name/Company Reason
Frank Köhler Member of the administrative or supervisory body
Initial notification / Correction  
Initial notification  

Basic data:

Issuer: Vita 34 AG
Deutscher Platz 5a
04103 Leipzig


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