Shareholders Letter

With the Aktionärsbrief (Shareholders Letter) we want to give all shareholders the opportunity to inform themselves about the company, the business purpose, perspectives and events in addition to quarterly and annual reports. The Aktionärsbrief (Shareholders Letter) shall function as a link between capital market and product related information and give even more transparency to you as shareholder.

The Aktionärsbrief (Shareholders Letter) is available for download and will be send regularly via mail or E-Mail to all shareholders listed in the register of shareholders at the time of sending. The Aktionärsbrief (Shareholders Letter) is only available in German.

If you want to respond to the Aktionärsbrief (Shareholder Letter), please, send us an E-Mail to

Shareholders Letter

Date Description Format File Size
07/08/2013 Shareholders Letter 1/2013 (German Version) PDF 672 KB
12/21/2012 Shareholders Letter 2/2012 (German Version) PDF 216 KB
06/20/2012 Shareholders Letter 1/2012 (German Version) PDF 263 KB
12/05/2011 Shareholders Letter 2/2011 (German Version) PDF 278 KB
05/16/2011 Shareholders Letter 1/2011 (German Version) PDF 155 KB
09/07/2010 Shareholders Letter 1/2010 (German Version) PDF 187 KB

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