Strategy and objectives

Vita 34 is the largest stem cell bank in the German-speaking countries. Based on its already leading market position, Vita 34 endeavors to further develop the German market for the storage of stem cells from umbilical cord blood and tissue. The employees of Vita 34 work daily to establish the company as an internationally leading provider of new products based on stem cells.

Vita 34 has set ambitious goals for itself with regard to further corporate growth:

  • Sustainable strengthening of the leading market position in the German-speaking countries and winning additional market share by expanding quality leadership
  • Stabilization of the new storage figures in the core markets of Germany, Italy and Spain
  • Expansion of the geographical market presence in Europe via local cooperative sales ventures and subsidiaries
  • Establishment and operation of umbilical cord blood banks in select growth markets in Asia and Latin America
  • The development and introduction of new products for pharmaceutical production (cell lines)

Cores of Growth Strategy

In order to achieve these objectives Vita 34 has defined a growth strategy based on three pillars:

Developing the Product Range

Due to the intensive scientific development in the field of Regenerative Medicine, Vita 34 expects there to be a globally increasing demand for the cryo-preservation and reliable storage of cells and tissues. Within the context of the long-term corporate strategy, Vita 34 plans to establish additional product fields, and to be active as a service-provider and supplier for companies with a pharmaceutical/therapy orientation.

Expansion of International Activities

Vita 34 is an internationally active provider for the cryo-preservation of umbilical cord blood and tissue. Income is to be increased by further expanding international activities. Vita 34 is, therefore, concentrating on opening up new growth markets and expanding existing cooperative sales ventures.

Expansion of Research Cooperation

Vita 34 is involved in applied research in cooperation with renowned universities and research institutes. Vita 34 plans to intensify active research work by expanding its own research capacities. This opens the potential to Vita 34 of participating in new discoveries and product innovations.

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